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Small, yet vivid digital innovation agency located at the heart of Aberdeen in Scotland. Ready to innovate your business: no matter if you are a one-man band, or a large corporation. We are here to help you grow on this digital arena and we’ll make it easy – that’s our promise.


What we do

Digital innovation covers a range of different aspects in the digital world – we get them covered for you and make the whole process simple and seamless.


Business Development

We will work closely with you to identify what strategy will be the best for your company. From market research and company review to detailed BD plan with a single end goal in mind: to grow your business.


Marketing Strategy

Every brand is different in the same sense that every person is different, because of that every brand needs a specialized marketing strategy that works best for them in order to grow. The key point though is to understand your customers, their expectations and to be able to reach them with the right messages. 

Web Design

Not sure where to start? Or maybe you have a clear idea of how your website should look like? We’ll be delighted to help either way!

Search Engine Optimization

Are you already using web analytics and wondering why barely anyone is visiting your website? We will not only make you visible to search engines like Google & Bing, but will also work closely with you to improve your digital presence, grow your organic traffic as well as retain visitors. 

Social Media

Connect with your clients through engaging posts, paid advertising, competitions and outstanding graphics. Grow your Social Media accounts with a help from our Social Media experts. 

Paid Advertising

Pay Per Click, Search Engine and Social Media Promotions – when done correctly, they can be one of the most effective ways to reach your ideal audience at the right time. Tick, tock… Shall we start? 

Generating New Ideas every second. tick, tock…

We’ve all graduated from the University of Aberdeen and we know what it means to do an ‘all-nighter’ to finish the project and to deliver it on time. 


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Why we are different

At DigiGlen we believe that a digital innovation does not need to be difficult. Our aim is to make it as easy to follow and affordable as possible – that’s why each project is priced around your business, not around a ‘strict-pricelist’. We are flexible and personable – before we design a strategy for you, it’s important for us to understand you, your clients and your business needs. The transparency and full-understanding of your business goals and objectives is important, because we believe that the real innovation needs to start at the heart of the business. Let’s meet for a coffee (on us!) and see what we can do for you. 

The real innovation  should start at the heart of the business.

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